Associate Professor

Department of Electronics and communication Engineering

IIT Roorkee

Students and their Research Details


PhD  Supervision

  1. Robin Kalyan, “Reconfigurable Concurrent Multi-band Doherty Power Amplifier”, Registration: 2013, Graduation: 2017 (Completed)
  2. Ayushi Barthwal, “Bandwidth and Dynamic Range Extension of Load Modulation in Doherty PA Architecture”, Registration: 2014, Graduation: 2019 (Completed)
  3. Chetan Pathak, “Characterization & Mitigation of Linear & Non-Linear Distortions in Six-Port Modulator”, Registration: 2014, Graduation: 2019 (Completed)
  4. Sujata Ghosh, “Bandwidth and back-off enhancement in Doherty Power Amplifier”, Registration: 2015. (Thesis Submitted)
  5. Ekta Aggrawal, "LINC Transmitter Design for Multiband Applications”, Registration: 2015. (Under Progress)
  6. Y. Mary Asha Latha, “Efficiency Enhancement Schemes in Power Amplifiers for Wideband Applications”, Registration: 2015. (Under Progress)
  7. Hemant K. Singhal, “Multi-octave Transmitter Design with Filter-less Harmonic Suppression Schemes for Power Amplifiers”, Registration: 2015. (Thesis Submitted)
  8. Nishant Kumar, “Delta sigma based transmitter for upcoming wireless communication application”, Registration: 2016. (Under Progress)
  9. Anuj Kumar Sahoo, “Design and Analysis of Multiport Network for Wireless Communication & RF Measurements”, Registration: 2017 (Under Progress)
  10. Ahmad Zakaria, "RF Packaging & Thermal Design for High Power Amplifiers", Registration: 2019. (Under Progress)

M.Tech. Supervision

  1. Girish Kumar Ajmera, “Design of High Efficiency Multi-Standard Multi-Stage Doherty Power Amplifier”, Graduation: 2014 (Completed)
  2. Lalbahadur Dube, “Six Port Modulator Design using Six Port Microwave Network”, Graduation: 2014. (Completed)
  3. Parul Gupta, “Design of harmonic terminated power amplifier”, Graduation: 2014.  (Completed)
  4. Akhilesh K, “Design and Optimization of Doherty Power Amplifier with Extended Efficiency Range”, Graduation: 2014. (Completed)
  5. Viswas N.G., Design, “Analysis and Characterization of GaN HEMT based Power Amplifiers”, Graduation: 2015. (Completed)
  6. Samarth Saxena, “Modeling of GaN HEMT and RF Power Amplifier Design”, Graduation: 2016. (Completed)
  7. Pankaj Kakkad, “Broadband Class E RF Power Amplifier”, Graduation: 2017. (Completed)
  8. Jai Datt Poonia, “GaN Based Switch Mode Power Amplifier In Class-D Mode”, Graduation: 2017. (Completed)
  9. Rambabu Kumar, “Wide band Distributed RF power amplifier”, Graduation: 2017. (Completed)
  10. Rashmi Soni, “Multiport Network Design and Application for Vector Network Analysis”, Graduation: 2018. (Completed)
  11. Ahmad Zakaria, "On-Chip PA Design using GaN HEMT MMIC Process", Graduation: 2019. (Completed)

Placement details of students supervised 

SL. No

Names of students             

Degree obtained           


Working at                                             


Robin kalyan 

PhD, 2017                              

I.I.T Delhi             

ISAC, ISRO, Bangalore India                   


Ayushi Barthwal

PhD, 2018

I.I.T Delhi 

Asst. Prof, JNU, New Delhi 


Chetan Pathak

PhD, 2019

I.I.T. Roorkee

Asst. Prof, RJIT, Gwalior


Sujata Ghosh

PhD (ongoing)

I.I.T. Roorkee

Global Foundries, Bengaluru


Hemant Kumar Singhal

PhD (ongoing)

I.I.T. Roorkee

Asst. Prof, NIT Uttarakhand


Girish Kumar Ajmera              

M.Tech, 2014                       

I.I.T Delhi             

Applied Materials, India                          


Lalbahadur Dube                    

M.Tech, 2014                       

I.I.T Delhi             

DEAL, DRDO, Dehradun, India                


Parul Gupta

M.Tech, 2014                       

I.I.T Delhi             

SSPL, DRDO, Delhi, India                          


Akhilesh K.                                 

M.Tech, 2014                       

I.I.T Delhi             



Viswas N.G.                               

M.Tech, 2015                       

I.I.T Roorkee       

Qualcomm, Bangalore, India                  


Samarth Saxena                     

B.Tech. & M.Tech. , 2016    

I.I.T Roorkee       

Astrome Technologies, Bangalore,          India                                                            


Pankaj Kakkad                          

B.Tech. & M.Tech. , 2017     

I.I.T Roorkee       

AAI, India                                                     


Jai Datt Poonia                        

B.Tech. & M.Tech. , 2017     

I.I.T Roorkee       

BSNL, India                                                  


Rambabu Kumar                     

B.Tech. & M.Tech. , 2017     

I.I.T Roorkee       



Varun Deep Singh                   

M.Tech. 2017                        

I.I.T Roorkee       

AAI, India                                                     


Rashmi Soni                             

M.Tech. 2018                       

I.I.T Roorkee       

Intel, Bangalore, India                              


Piyush Garg                              

B.Tech. 2018                        

I.I.T Roorkee       

SAC, ISRO, Ahmedabad, India