Project Grants And Consultancy


Assistant Professor

Department of Electronics and communication Engineering

IIT Roorkee

Grant Applications


 Ongoing DST, Government of India Grant Project on “Broad-Band Gallium Nitride Based Doherty Power Amplifier for Efficient Amplification of High Crest Factor Signals”. (Amount: Rs. 54,00000).


 Funding grant on “Lab Facility for RF and Baseband techniques in Software Defined Radio” under IIT Non-planned Budget (Amount: Rs. 28,00000).


Consultancy Projects


 Consultancy project completed on “Experiments development for Software defined radio SDR-Lab” by M/S Amitec Electronics Ltd., New Delhi. (Total Amount: Rs. 5,86000).


 Consultancy project completed on “RF Power Amplifier Design based on SSPL GaN Devices” by SSPL, DRDO, New Delhi. (Total Amount: Rs. 9,50000).(Accepted)