Assistant Professor

Department of Electronics and communication Engineering

IIT Roorkee

Students Research Details


PhD Supervision


  1. Robin Kalyan, “Reconfigurable Concurrent Multi-band Doherty Power Amplifier”, Registration: 2013, Graduation: 2017. (Completed, Graduated 2017)
  2. Ayushi Barthwal, “Bandwidth and Dynamic Range Extension of Load Modulation in Doherty PA Architecture”, Registration: 2014, Graduation: 2018 (estimated). (Under Progress)
  3. Chetan Pathak, “Characterization & Mitigation of Linear & Non-Linear Distortions in Six-Port Modulator”, Registration: 2014, Graduation: 2018 (estimated). (Under Progress)
  4. E. Aggrawal, "LINC Transmitter Design for Multiband Applications”, Registration: 2015. (Under Progress)
  5. Sujata Ghosh, “Bandwidth and back-off enhancement in Doherty Power Amplifier”, Registration: 2015. (Under Progress)
  6. Y. Mary Asha Latha, “Efficiency Enhancement Schemes in Power Amplifiers for Wideband Applications”, Registration: 2015. (Under Progress)
  7. Hemant K. Singhal, “Power Amplifier Design at High RF Frequency”, Registration: 2015. (Under Progress)
  8. Nishant Kumar, “Digital Transmitter using Delta Sigma Modulation”, Registration: 2016. (Under Progress)
  9. Anuj Kumar Sahu, “RF Measurement and Calibration Techniques”, Registration: 2017 (Under Progress)


M.Tech. Supervision


  1. Girish Kumar Ajmera, “Design of High Efficiency Multi-Standard Multi-Stage Doherty Power Amplifier”, Graduation: 2014 (Completed)
  2. Lalbahadur Dube, “Six Port Modulator Design using Six Port Microwave Network”, Graduation: 2014. (Completed)
  3. Parul Gupta, “Design of harmonic terminated power amplifier”, Graduation: 2014. (Completed)
  4. Akhilesh K, “Design and Optimization of Doherty Power Amplifier with Extended Efficiency Range”, Graduation: 2014. (Completed)
  5. Viswas N.G., Design, “Analysis and Characterization of GaN HEMT based Power Amplifiers”, Graduation: 2015. (Completed)
  6. Samarth Saxena, “Modeling of GaN HEMT and RF Power Amplifier Design”, Graduation: 2016. (Completed)
  7. Pankaj Kakkad, “Broadband Class E RF Power Amplifier”, Graduation: 2017. (Completed)
  8. Jai Datt Poonia, “GaN Based Switch Mode Power Amplifier In Class-D Mode”, Graduation: 2017. (Completed)
  9. Rambabu Kumar, “Wide band Distributed RF power amplifier”, Graduation: 2017. (Completed)
  10. Rashmi Soni, “Multiport Network Design and Application for Vector Network Analysis”, Graduation: 2018. (Completed)
  11. Ahmad Zakaria, ON-Chip PA Design using GaN HEMT MMIC Process, Graduation (expected): 2019. (Under Progress)