Assistant Professor

Department of Electronics and communication Engineering

IIT Roorkee

Students Research Details


 One PhD is working on the topic “Concurrent Multi-band GaN based digitally-assisted Doherty power amplifier for wireless communication.

 One PhD is working on the topic “Multi-band and multi-band power amplification schemes for LTE carrier aggregation.

 One M.Tech. Thesis on multi-band N-stage power efficient load-modulation scheme for signals with high peak to average power ratio such as multi-tone jamming signals.

 One M.Tech. Thesis on asymmetric Doherty PA for amplification of high crest factor signals.

 One M.Tech. Thesis on multi-port networks as RF modulator.

One M.Tech. Thesis on harmonically terminated power amplifiers with class-F and Inverse class-F operation.

 One collaborated PhD has worked on broad-band inductor less CMOS based power amplifiers.